October 28, 2019

Some numbers

Saeed Ezzati @markopolo

It's almost 40 days since I launched. I have been mostly working on small/hidden features and posting new jobs on the website to increase traction.
Many people told me I should write a bot to scrape other websites and post jobs on WFH automatically. I think doing so will significantly decrease the quality of the jobs on WFH, and I'm not willing to do that.
With that here are some numbers 🧮📈

  • $0 revenue 🤔
  • 221 jobs posted (All verified) ✅
  • 1251 Clicks on the jobs 🎉
  • 109 people subscribed to the mailing list 📨
  • ~1800 monthly active users 👥
  • 190 tweets, ~54K impression 🐤
Today's Top Milestones
  • Trying out a monetization strategy
    Decided to give affiliate links a go for Open Startup List, now that my traffic is steady around ~700 page views p
  • 6K MRR + huge affiliate marketing learning for you
    We hit another significant milestone this week. We reached $6,000 MRR after a little over six months of being in business. ![6k MRR BABY](https://hype
  • My first ever Product Hunt launch
    Okay ... So I know this Indie Hackers. And probably not the best place to mention a Product Hunt launch. But it's a milestone all the same. Since I so