October 14, 2019

Front page on reddit, 110k visitors

Kareem @kkmet

I shared my little tool on reddit and people enjoyed it, got 110k visitors on that day and since then I'm getting around 200-300 visitor a month.

During its peak I had 800 concurrent visitors, but due to the nature of the tool there isn't much to do after using the tool once for most people.

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    Congrats on the traffic bomb! That's some serious traffic. How far up on the first page did you climb?

    And dear lord man, seriously consider adding an example input text to the ping time box and maybe a one-liner explaining what's going on. This was confusing as hell until I understood that the white boxes were not a bug. :D

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      I saw my post in the middle of the first page, and it stayed at #1 in league of legends subreddit for some time.

      I think because this was directed towards league of legends players it's not very clear for everyone, I'll try to make it more clear

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        I guess context is everything. :)

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    Awesome idea man. Also checked your story on your website, very inspiring. Nice job!!

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    I'm curious how your servers held up?

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      Even a budget shared host from 10 years ago could handle that much. My old WP blog that had a viral post in 2007 with a roughly similar amount of peak traffic.

      It's fantastic to get that much traffic to any page related to a business, but servers breaking under the load isn't something you need to worry about unless you have a very, very unusual setup (like everybody is video chatting with each other or playing a resource-intensive game on your server).

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      it's hosted on github pages, which took it like it's nothing of course.

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    How are you defining "concurrent visitors"?

    Are they loading pages within X amount of time, are you counting simultaneous socket connections or are you measuring it in another way?

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      it's people who are currently on the site, according to google analytics.

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        Ah, gotcha. In that case, you're talking about the number of unique visitors (not blocking Google trackers) who have loaded a page in the last five minutes.

        800 users in 5 minutes works out to a few per second (and some will load more than one page).

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          are you sure? because if I visit a page that I'm monitoring and I leave it shows immediately that there are 0 visitors

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            From Google's docs:

            The Real-Time Overview shows the top-ten pages on which users are active, the source for the users on each page, and the number of active users on each page. Active users are those who have sent a hit to Analytics within the last five minutes. Active users per page is the number of users who have sent their most recent hit from that page.

            It's definitely looking at page loads. What it sounds like happened in your case is you navigated to a different page on your site so the specific page you were looking at stats for was no longer the most recent hit. You should still have shown up as an "active user" in the overview for a full 5 minutes.

            If you'd simply closed the tab instead of navigating away, you'd still be counted as an "active user" of that specific page, as well.

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    Cool idea :)


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    I went to your site but I don't get it. What am I supposed to enter in the box?

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      you enter your in game ping and click test, it shows you how late your actions get executed compared to 0 ping

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    Woah, that's a lot of traffic! :)

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      I didn't expect it and had no way to turn it into anything, but it was very encouraging nonetheless.