January 4, 2020

Published on Github with a Demo Account

Ceshine Lee @ceshine

The bot at the current state already satisfies most of my personal requirements. You tell it what you achieved during the day, preferably right after you did it so you won't forget, and the bot will send a notification and (optionally) an email to remind you what you did today and how awesome that is.

I've created a demo bot for everyone to try, but people can also choose to host the bot on their own machine if they want more privacy.

There are still quite a few things to do for it to be ready for a more general audience, including (not exhaustive):

  1. Email ownership verification
  2. Command to deactivate the bot (pause receiving notifications)
  3. More fine-grained control on the users' own content in the server. (e.g., opting out of archiving, wiping out data, etc.)
  4. Presenting the users' archive using web pages or via email.

This bot is already very helpful to me. I hope it can be helpful to others with similar predicaments.

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