December 4, 2019

Passed 100 Subscribers on When to Buy

Justin Maner @Justjack

I now have over 100 subscribers and tracking 263 lists (up over 100 lists from the last report on November 21st). So far, I have only done social media posts on my own network. Now, I need to figure out how to really put the gas on this. I am planning to do some reddit posts, invite personal email to friends and family, and submit to Hacker News. Anything else I should be doing? I am also thinking of adding a feature where anyone can subscribe to someone else's list, which handles both the influencer use case (like our favorite games: and the birthday/holiday/gifting use case. It would then also help to spread the news. My kids have been going crazy of their when to buy lists and making sure we are getting great deals on their list. They know we have a set budget and they will get more if they help us find deals. :)

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