December 4, 2019

When to Buy MVP is launched!

Justin Maner @Justjack

I am excited to let you know the MVP for When to Buy has launched and you can sign up here if you are interested:

Here is a scaled back version of what I posted on social media:
How can you save time and money so that you can put that toward more family fun? I am excited to let you all know that I have launched the first phase of a much larger vision around personalized shopping!

Do you love saving money, but hate having to comb through deal sites, wait in line and fight the crowds for holiday deals, or wonder if you are getting a good price when you buy online? During my 10 years working for Amazon, I was always surprised at how hard it was to find great deals on items I actually cared about. I think I have now created the hands down easiest way to find good deals and know when to buy items you care about through When to Buy alerts, powered by A Little Family Fun (

Instructions to sign up are here:, but basically, just share your Amazon List with me and I will monitor it several times a day and let you know if any of your items meet my criteria for being a great time to buy. The service is FREE and you can always unsubscribe if you don’t find it helpful.

Prices fluctuate like crazy online and if you have just a little patience, you can save 20-50% on items by just knowing when to buy. I hope you love the service and save a ton of money.

Enjoy! Justin

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