January 10, 2020

Received another strong testimonial from a tester

Kade Dworkin @kadedworkin

I've been working with Yoga With Adriene, the largest yoga channel on YouTube, for just shy of five years now in various capacities. Since I'm friendly with the entire team there, I gave them all early access to WWTS and earlier I received the following testimonial from Chris, their CEO and co-founder:

"WWTS gives our team and our viewers a searchable database of our entire YouTube library - which is now over 500 videos. This allows our viewers to do focused searches to find the answers to their questions without the need to reach out to our customer support team. Internally, it’s become an invaluable tool for our keyword research and search engine marketing campaigns. We also just use it to find inspiration for social media and physical merchandise. It’s a game changer!"

I think the biggest take away from this is that I didn't tell the YWA team how to exactly use the product and that by not telling them how I thought they should they found alternative uses, e.g. merchandise inspiration and keyword research and inclusion in content, which align with their business operation. It's these kind of misuse cases that I think are going to be crucial for customizing pitches to creators or even production houses, MCNs, etc. as showing the tool as being capable of many different uses will increase the perceived value of WWTS.

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