December 17, 2019

Received my first killer testimonial

Kade Dworkin @kadedworkin

After working with Tom Martin ( to build some tools to help his business last summer, I got to meet Tom in person twice over 3 weeks (which is normally a stretch as he’s London based and I’m in Southern California). In that time I had a functional MVP of WWTS and let him really play with the product on his client’s and his own channels.

I specifically asked Tom last week for a quick testimonial and this is what he sent back:

“ When I first heard about WWTS I thought it sounded pretty cool, but when I actually got my hands on it for the first time, I was blown away. As a professional YouTube channel manager for almost a decade, working with vast catalogues of content the possibilities for WWTS are almost endless and I only wished I had had access to it in my earlier years. Unleashing this on a YouTube channel with a lot of videos unlocks its true potential, allowing you to find exactly what you were looking for in an instant and uncovering incredible footage you had long forgotten (or didn't even know you had). Whether it's putting together a playlist, cutting a promo or compilation or something as simple as finding the perfect video to suggest in a YouTube end screen WWTS is a dream for channel managers and content creators alike.”

For reference, Tom is the former director for YouTube strategy for two multi-national household name brands in the content space and his introductions after using the tool have lead to conversations with one of them and lots of top level YouTube friends of his looking in with interest.

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