December 12, 2019

(Almost) deal with large ride-sharing provider...

Herb Pinder Jr @barcatech

No links for this - just a bunch of emails back-and-forth. Good practice regarding negotiation, etc. But my experience at that time (even more so now) was not to give your stuff away for a pittance. I don't need to "gain experience" or it'll be "so much bigger in the future" - be careful about that once you get to a point (perusing through the emails does make me smile, though). My mentor advised me on that deal - basically instead of "we'll give you X for your 1 (major) location and when we sign onto the next several hundred, you'll make big $" - I said no - you'll pay slightly larger X now and I'll decrease it as you purchase more. It worked as we anticipated. They started but then didn't get beyond the 1st "iteration" if you will (business on their end). Was good experience for learning how to work with partners and testing out API functionality I provided. Ah, the memories.

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