August 10, 2019

Launch on Indie Hackers

Filipe Silva @realgabriel

Finally I got to share with Indie Hackers community the most important things.

First, I released an MVP. I started and finished the first stage of the journey.
Second, I made public how much gratitude I feel for the impact this community is making on my daily mindset, to improve, to grow and to return what we take.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Update 4: Finding time to write is hard
    Here's my weekly update. **1) What did I work on last week?** ✅ Considered how to best use the time I have in any given week. This is difficult, becau
  • Update 4: No new revenue and a quiet week
    While my previous update was very positive, last week was a quiet week, and unfortunately, I didn't get much done. 1) What did we work on last week? ✅