October 18, 2020

We just hit $6,398.88 in 7 days 🙌🏼

Michael Wong @mizko

We just launched a new product.. with 100+ happy customers 🤭

I’m not going to lie, it took me a couple years to realise how in-efficient my wireframing process was.

😢 I was using multiple apps to achieve one outcome.
😢 I was wireframing and designing the same page twice.
😢 I was not aware of the problems above

Over the years my team and I have helped 70+ businesses launch highly successful digital products.

We've constantly worked hard to create more efficient workflows within our processes. The only way we can produce high quality work at scale, is to be less dependant on manual tasks.

One way is in the form of creating scalable and adaptable design systems that we can use across our projects.

To date we have designed over 2,300+ components and 170+ layouts for both desktop and mobile. We can drag and drop responsive components and create beautiful wireframes in seconds.


We decided to bundle all this up with our latest Wireframy 3.0 release. Last week we launched Wireframy 3.0 to the world.

Figma's fastest and most powerful wireframing kit.

This means designers, devs, marketers, entrepreneurs, PMs and whoever wants to prototype quickly can get immediate access to years of our hard work.

In 7 days we've generated exactly $6,398.88. A fairly reasonable soft launch and the sales have been fairly stable.


My design agency is very healthy and doing well. Our plan moving forward is to continue pushing hard on digital products, assets and ultimately a SaaS in the upcoming months.

Make sure to follow my journey.

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    Sounds like quite the successful launch. What was your launch process? Did you primarily share with your email list?

    I purchased a premium bootstrap template in the past solely for the figma files.

    Who are your biggest users? I'm curious if it's smaller "indie hacker" types or PMs/designers in companies (or something else entirely)

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      Hey @Tjones4413.

      Thank you so much. We're fairly happy with how it's progressing. We're consistently hitting around 3-5 new purchases a day now.

      Our marketing strategies include social media and SEO. We'll probably jump on paid ads soon.

      Great question. Our biggest customer base are definitely UX designers and Product Managers! We're gathering the data on purchase checkout form

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        Interesting! Any idea approximately how long it took you to start seeing your first gains from SEO?