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In 2001 I built a website to help my software development company manage projects, track time, build invoices to clients based on the time logs, then pay my developers based on the time logs. It's time to revamp the UI.

September 24, 2021 YouTube video of Build-In-Public

I uploaded the video showing how I built the initial simple Project, Task, Time Logging management website using the low-code Wizards Toolkit (WTK) development environment.

I time-logged every step from DB creation to building web pages, writing SQL triggers, creating SQL reports that show the data both in list and graph / chart views, and making it all look good.

Entire project took 3 hours and 18 minutes to have a fully functioning website. Later I did some fine-tuning for another 1.86 hours. This video only includes the highlights.


September 19, 2021 Created In-House Version

On Sunday I recorded myself building the initial WizardsAbacus.com website from scratch. This included everything from setting up the BitBucket repository, creating the SQL database, importing the core tables and data from Wizards Toolkit and the new Abacus tables, to building the initial web pages.

This first version will only be used by myself and my staff so I took a few short-cuts. I was able to have a working site within 3 hours and 18 minutes. This included having web pages to manage clients, their projects, associated tasks, and time logs.

I was using Filmora to do the screen captures and unfortunately about 45 minutes was not recorded properly - just the audio recorded. Today I'll be taking the film recording that did work and make a "Build in Public" video out of it.

I'm very curious as to which would be better. Just post the full 2.5 hours as a "Build in Public" video. Or to post a "Highlights only" video which will be 15 or 20 minutes and would show the process but not all the nitty-gritty. My plan is to create/post the "Highlights only" and ask for comments and feedback as to whether my YouTube channel wants the full version or not.


The good news is I have been using the WizardsAbacus all day Monday and Tuesday. I've made some minor enhancements regarding time log page so the start time defaults and there is a "Stop Time" button to set the stop time to "now". I'm already getting good use out of this time tracker.

Note, I don't plan on working on making this perfect just yet. I built it now so I can track my time while I build my next SaaS. I really want to show off how fast I can build a SaaS from scratch using Wizards Toolkit. For now I'll be using the Wizards Abacus and slowly enhancing it as I need new features.

June 15, 2021 History and Future Plans

In November 2020 I quit my CTO job. At that time I exported the database and website of my old Projects2Do.com and stored it on a hard drive. I started building that website in 2001 and used it to manage projects, track time on those tasks, then use those time logs to generate both invoices to clients and payroll for employees. I was running a software development company and it served me very well.

Of course I had not updated the user interface in over 10 years so the UI was quite out-dated. So instead of just re-installing on a new server I decided to do a full revamp. A few months ago I had my SQL expert update the database using new naming conventions and to integrate better with my Wizards Toolkit low-code library.

It's time to rebuild this from scratch. New name, new UI, and built using Wizards Toolkit. This will make for a great "showcase" project on the Wizards Toolkit website. Plus it will help me with managing my software development company that I re-launched in February so my staff doesn't have to keep track of their time in spreadsheets.

The plan is build it using Wizards Toolkit. Film most of the programming for a "Build In Public" playlist on my YouTube channel, then pick some of the filming as tutorial segments for the Wizards Toolkit website.

Initially I'm just building it to use in-house. Later I'll fine-tune it and make it a full SaaS and charge people a per-person per-month subscription.


In 2001 I built a website to help my software development company manage projects, track time, build invoices to clients based on the time logs, then pay my developers based on the time logs. It's time to revamp the UI.