October 22, 2019

First Day: 100 players & $7 revenue!

Burak Tokak @btk

24 hours after launching, Wordmoji game was able to pull a little over 100 unique players, which finished 200+ packs .

Here is details;
🎮 102 unique players
🕹️ 142 sessions
⌚ 00:10:50 avg session duration (which is very promising)
💸 470 int ads 173 rewarded ads requested (7 usd)
💭 147 packs are completed in total (every pack has 12 quizes)

There is int ads for every 4 quizes launched, and you can get +5 hints by watching rewarded ads.

I will give rough percentages, because I had a simple landing page which I were using like a gateway, so I only have analytic of that landing page, not where the actual downloads came from.

I'm thinking about doing an ad campaign and I'm going to share results from it.

Also I would love it if you check the game out!

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