January 29, 2020

First Sold Out Meetup

Anthony Castrio @AntCas

For the first meetup of 2020 we decided to limit the number of attendees to 50 and pushed to sell out of free tickets.

These ended up being our most successful channels:

  • indiehackers.com (not a surprise)
  • email list
  • Twitter (sending DM's and replying to other indie hackers)
  • Facebook Messenger (messaged people who'd already joined the fb group)

Some unexpected benefits from doing more outreach:

  • 50 new members in 30 days
  • @indie_worldwide passed 100 followers on Twitter
  • engagement within the fb group increased by 800%

We sold out with just over an hour to spare!

Going forward definitely going to be putting even more effort into outreach and personally inviting motivated indie hackers to our meetups.

Also starting outreach earlier and will be looking for new channels.

If you're interested in joining Indie Worldwide our next meetup will be on February 13th at 10:00am GMT:


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