October 8, 2019

Launched Website - Tech Breakdown

First of all, the website link.

Why: The Worldwide meetup now has a presence across several platforms. I wanted one place to point people to that would include all of these links.


Total hosting costs: $17/year for the domain name on Namecheap.

Total development time: about 10 hours over a few days.

Design: winged it. Sunk a bunch of hours trying to make a cooler logo, but haven't hit on anything I love yet.

Tracking: no analytics installed. The YouTube embed brings Google tracking baggage with it. May look at alternative ways to do a video embed. Might add simple analytics at some point.

Scaling: If our meetup group is ever so popular that it's hitting Github Pages limits (unlikely), then I'll add a CDN layer like Cloudflare (also free for this use). Because the website is static, a CDN can host the entire webpage and acts as a cacheing layer with very minimal time to set it up.

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