October 14, 2019

Started a YouTube channel, what we learned.

Anthony Castrio @AntCas

Indie Worldwide launched a YouTube channel where we upload recordings the day after our live Q&A sessions with indie founders.

Most popular video so far has been the Q&A with csallen.

Takeaways so far:

  • Every video leads to new signups for the Facebook group, Slack group, mailing list etc. YouTube has been a better inbound channel than I expected.
  • Views drop off quickly after an upload. YouTube really prioritizes new content.
  • Videos with numbers in the title do well.
  • Cutting a long video up into clips can generate a bunch more views on the same content.

Want to dos:

  • Video editing is arduous. I'd like to streamline my process or hire someone to cut the long-form interviews into bing-watchable clips.
  • It's better for branding if all your video previews have the same look. I'd like to design a default template or hire someone to do this.
  • A cool animated intro would be nice for the same reason. This is definitely out of my wheelhouse so I'll need to find a tool for this or hire someone for it.
  • Generally would like to automate more of the YouTube'ing process or at least get faster at it.
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