September 15, 2019

Shake what yo mama gave you

Valentine Erokhin @a2svior

I was hesitating a lot before finally deciding to move my development process to public, but now will be posting here on IH!

Basically when I started experimenting with making products I began to collect links, resources, frameworks and best practices for making great products.

Since I already had this collection and used it myself, I decided why not to make a product out of it? And this is how I came up with Wrenches.

Wrenches is a maker's guide. It's not just for indie hackers or for people of specific professions, but I included several distinct ideas that I like from the indie movement, namely:

  1. That the best way to make a company is to be bootstrapped and independent

  2. That the best way to make products is to do so iteratively, coming up with small MVPs, showing them to your audience and changing them based on what they say

  3. That the best way to approach product creation is to make products that make people better, more genuine, more intelligent and caring, and not just to address their "wants"

I've also described some more thoughts and my plans for going forward with the development of Wrenches on my blog:

I already have a prototype, which is basically a wiki with some content, links and templates attached to it. I have it in Notion, and wanted to ask you guys, how is best for me to share it? Should I put it on a website or should I just share a public Notion link? Which way is the best to approach this?

Thanks everyone, peace out

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