October 9, 2019

"Who are you making your product for" section done

Valentine Erokhin @a2svior

Finally finished the main part of "Find your audience" section! Find my audience

It's meant to give indie hacker community (yes, I target you guys specifically) a very huge list of communities to consider for growing our products and for getting into a dialogue with people we're actually trying to empower with these products.

Also there's a small framework for mapping your target audience, to select the communities you want to enter with more knowledge about the people you're looking for.

Didn't beat around the bush and just poured lots and lots of links on it. I think sometime I will get around and make the copy more beautiful, and - what's much more important - more clear for everyone, not just for IH people. I want people from Asia, from Russia, from Africa to be able to read Wrenches and derive knowledge without getting confused (will need to make versions in other languages for this purpose though...)

Find out who will use my product and where to find them

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