December 2, 2019

Welcomed a new co-founder to Writtio

Fernanda Graciolli @Fgraciolli

Today, Writtio reached a major milestone: we completed our founder group with a person who will bring complementary expertise to our company.

Up until now, Writtio was composed of two co-founders (myself and my technical partner, Marcelo) and two talented people, who work for the love of it, Anahita and Brandon. Together we were great at building a business and a product from scratch. However, when it came to investment matters, we were clueless.

Writtio is the kind of product that will require funding, so in a feeble attempt to raise capital, instead we found a successful businessman (and old friend), Collin, who will provide the expertise necessary to do so.

This partnership came about directly as a result of my choice to let go of my fear of being judged. One day, after months of feeling like a fraud, I decided to reach out to my immediate network - on Facebook - and informally pitch Writtio.

Up until now, it was one thing to share Writtio with strangers, but sharing Writtio with personal friends brought up a whole lot of insecurities.

The response was incredible. I got small investments, lots of questions, introductions to VCs and overall positive feedback. But, best of all, it led to this incredible partnership which places the missing piece into our founder expertise puzzle.

I had heard the advice to reach out to your immediate network first many times. And ignored it many times. I wish I hadn't for so long. It was one of the best things I've done for my business.

Put yourself out there without fear. At worst, you'll iterate on your ideas with feedback, at best, you'll find the missing piece to your puzzle.