The easiest way to engage customers and keep them in the lo

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The easiest way to engage customers and keep them in the loop.

Custom Domain Support

We recently launched support for adding custom domains to our knowledge base sites. All knowledge bases in Wrkflows automatically get a subdomain, like wrkflows.wrkflows.io. While this works fine for some projects, often times companies will want to use their own domain name. We do this with our own knowledge base site, help.wrkflows.io. Now we automatically generate SSL certificates for all custom domains thanks to Let's Encrypt!


We took what was working best about our product, which was our widget and reshaped our product offering around that. We re-launched with articles and a knowledge base to host your articles. The widget would then be used to access your articles from within your app, providing your users with contextual help.

Soft launch

When we first launched Wrkflows our product was quite a bit different. We provided just walkthroughs. You used a Chrome Extension we built to select parts of your page that you wanted to attach tooltips to in order to walk users through using it. We had a widget you could add to your site where a user could access the walkthrough you'd setup and replay them. What we found is that 1) it was difficult to build a tool to handle complex scenarios 2) it was difficult for users to wrap their heads around setting them. Also we weren't convinced this was actually a good way to onboard users or educate them on existing features. Most users just click away little pops up when the first get to a page and try and figure things out for themselves.

The easiest way to engage customers and keep them in the loop.