December 31, 2019

Changing theme a bit


So I’ve been writing this prototype. Started with the idea to host this for free on AppEngine and write some go code with Firestore as a database. That turned out OKish but a bit slow. I like Go and I wanted to give it a real shot for web backends but it seems that there’s a lot of pieces that need sorted.

I still like Go and I’ll give it another try. I just want to focus on getting a prototype out and I’m going forward with django on Heroku. Already have auth working and base templates.

Another issue was Firestore. I feel like there’s not enough support for offline dev and testing just yet. Even if I was going with Go I would’ve changed to either mongo or some sql.

Since I’m not launching before New Years I’m changing the topic to goal tracking and sharing rather than new year resolution tracking. All this means is that you can have goals with no end date like daily stuff you want to do or custom start and end dates.

Today's Top Milestones
  • Reached $1000 on Plant My Forest
    We just plant more than 333 trees ! with 28 customers :) ---- Plant My Forest, a place where you plant a forest, for real! 🌳 Plant trees to stop clim
  • Same names. New look.
    Product Names looks different!? For those following the project, I recently updated the color scheme and logo. I wanted more simplicity in the design
  • Released version 1.2
    For various reasons, I neglected Estipad for well over a year. I’m very excited to announce v1.2, which includes many improvements. They’re mainly foc
  • Interview on Indie Hackers
    We did a text interview with Indie Hackers today! We talked about how we got started, what our journey has been like, and our goals for the future, as
  • Update #3 - Activity Graph
    We've added another great feature that simply shows you how active a user is. We've published a twitter post about it:
  • Best Booking Form Templates For your Business
    Booking forms are one of the most resourceful forms you can have on your business. They are practical and can collect any essential information you ne
  • 2nd Birthday & Launched New SaaS Boilerplate
    I'm super excited to be celebrating Gravity's second birthday today with the launch of v6. I launched Gravity as a side-project two years ago today ri
  • weekly update, week 106
    - Aug 20-Aug 26 $2,084.48 - Aug 27-Sep 2 $6,278 - Sep 3-Sep 10 $3,787 - Sep 11-Sep 17 $3,267 ARR: $224.4k (+1.7% vs. last week) ARPU: $74 (0 vs. last
  • On Friends and Customers
    A friend of mine wrote something incredibly-kind yesterday and as I read it I
  • Started dabbling with ProductHunt
    PH is much more than their front-page it seems. They have a community, and up-and-coming section. Things that would definitely dramatically increase m