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To help me and others set and track measurable goals for the new year 2020. 0x14 in hex is 20 in decimal, hence the name x14.me.

January 25, 2020 Dev update

I didn't write an update in a while but I have some good news to share. I will soon push the first deployment, and I have a screenshot to share. The basic functionality is working, but needs very little extra work to make it usable.

What works:

  • Adding a new goal, you can have as many goals as you like.
  • Updating your progress for the goal, and an updates history is saved.
  • Visualise the progress with a circle progress bar
  • Quick add progress from the header

What needs a little work before first deployment:

  • authentication ("magic" email link) needs a little more testing
  • adding some instructions on how this works


January 4, 2020 Development moving forward

I will be taking a short break from this project as I need to focus on something else in the next 2-3 weeks, but the latest update is that I'm finally happy with the way a new goal is added. Maybe it won't work with users, but for me it makes sense.

I'm using the syntax action/unit, or if the action is countable (e.g. pull-ups), it's simply action.

Best explained with some examples:

  • cycle/miles
  • run/km
  • cook/meals
  • pull-ups
  • push-ups

Before this, I had two input fields, one for unit and one for action. It didn't make a lot of sense when reading the form, so I think this is better, but I guess I'll find out when I launch.

December 31, 2019 Changing theme a bit

So I’ve been writing this prototype. Started with the idea to host this for free on AppEngine and write some go code with Firestore as a database. That turned out OKish but a bit slow. I like Go and I wanted to give it a real shot for web backends but it seems that there’s a lot of pieces that need sorted.

I still like Go and I’ll give it another try. I just want to focus on getting a prototype out and I’m going forward with django on Heroku. Already have auth working and base templates.

Another issue was Firestore. I feel like there’s not enough support for offline dev and testing just yet. Even if I was going with Go I would’ve changed to either mongo or some sql.

Since I’m not launching before New Years I’m changing the topic to goal tracking and sharing rather than new year resolution tracking. All this means is that you can have goals with no end date like daily stuff you want to do or custom start and end dates.

December 17, 2019 Came up with the idea

I was struggling to restart my regular daily 10 sets of pull-ups habit.

So I thought, in 2020 I will do this every day, no matter what. I did it before for a long time so it should be doable.

Then I thought, well, if I miss a day but I make it up for it the next days (doing more pull-ups) then it's acceptable. But I want a way to track this. So here's the idea of x14: set a measurable goal for the year, split it into daily, weekly or monthly chunks, and track your progress.

It's a simple web app:

  • create your goal,
  • add progress when you make progress
  • view your daily, weekly, monthly or yearly "progress bars"
  • share your progress with your friends,
  • view your friends' progress

Where am I at now, 22nd Dec?

  • I picked the tech stack: Go on AppEngine flexible environment with Firebase auth and Firestore for data
  • No, it's not a Firebase single-page app - I built some of these and I don't really like it. Besides, I want to build some features that will require some sort of back-end anyway (and for some reason I don't want to use Cloud Functions). Those features: auto-updates from things like FitBit, Strava, RSS feeds, IFTTT, etc.
  • I have a working server with auth setup and some templating work (I feel like Go templates are lacking some basic features in terms of template inheritance... Maybe I'm doing it wrong?)

I'm hoping to launch a basic version before Christmas, and some fixes before new year's.


To help me and others set and track measurable goals for the new year 2020. 0x14 in hex is 20 in decimal, hence the name x14.me.