October 15, 2019

First Beta-Version online for limited registration

Yana App @yanaapp

Finally! Our first Beta version called Avocado is online!

The development of this MVP took us 2 months and a half. 2 months and a half very dense but so exciting! 2 months and a half that have been the busiest months of our lives but we think that this is just the beginning! Developing Yana App, testing Yana App, discussing Yana App with customers, dreaming about Yana App, and so on!
Summarizing what we have learned in the past 2 months is a difficult task since we learned more during this period than in the past 7 years! Entrepreneurship is such a wonderful experience! But maybe the biggest learning is stress control and organization.

So, now?
The idea now is to have as much feedback as possible on our product to make it evolve in the right direction relative to the needs of our customers.

A hundred people have already signed up to the waitlist for this version! We are now enlarging a bit our user's circle.

Today we are launching the pilot phase! The first 50 registrants will be able to try Yana App for free with our early bird community. In a few weeks, we will open the version more widely to all (always free for now!).

Don’t hesitate to go to our website: https://yana-app.com, to click on “Get started for free”, to register and to use Yana App as you see fit.
Then, please give us your feedback (good and bad), it really helps us!

Thank you for reading!

Look forward to sharing!

Nathalie from Yana App team

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