December 6, 2019

We met 60 people in our target in the last month

Yana App @yanaapp

In November, our main objective was to meet people from our target group (Product Owner, Product Manager, VP Product, Head of Product, CEO).

We finally managed to physically meet 60 people and make about 20 calls.

How did we do it?
We contacted the people in our target group via LinkedIn by offering them lunch, coffee or beer. The response rate was surprisingly high: 50%.

The main objective of this meeting was to listen to them and understand their difficulties. At the end of these meetings, we talked to them about Yana App and asked them for their sincere and honest opinion.

We loved these exchanges, they were very beneficial for us: we were able to validate our vision and ensure our product-market-fit while expanding our network and in a qualitative way.

Of course, we will continue this process because it is the key to prospecting for us.

Have a good weekend!

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