I'm in a small group of founders / entrepreneurs that organically came together after listening to a presentation via Mike Maples on
"Backcasting" and our assignment for next week is to think through futures that are:

  1. Plausible
  2. Possible
  3. Preposterous

I've shared a bit more thoughts on the vlog today but I thought I'd also write them down as well.

1. Plausible

I see a future where there's a "community on every website" — last week I expanded on this important angle and perspective for us and how that impacts our thinking around our vision, mission, and even business model.

And when I've shared this vision for the future, most folks can imagine that to be true.

2. Possible

This was a bit harder for me, but, it all came down to accessibility and devices. If the plausible future is "community on every website", the possible future is "community, everywhere."

Meaning, you have access to each and every one of your communities at-will, at any time and on any device; it would be frictionless.

3. Preposterous

I live in an area that has many, many futurists and so many folks that I work with believe that the metaverse is possible and I think community will be a fundamental part of that future.

This is more like "Ready Player One" type of stuff where you're effectively never "logged out" or "offline" but you're always digitally-connected, perpetually logged-in to the internet superhighway.

Community, and the many relationships within each one that you participate in, would be instantly available, in high-fidelity, spanning video to audio to full-immersion-type experiences.

Sounds plausible to me.

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