Changes Ahead!

It's always neat to see these URL / domain name renewals in my inbox — it immediately brings me back to the very moment that we bought and registered a domain for a new project.

You know that feeling, right?

That feeling of a fresh, new idea and all of the energy and excitement and hope that you have mixed with a little fear and anxiety but certainly not enough for you to stop moving forward!

And after all years I still feel this way when I boot up a new project; the rush of adrenaline and a fresh shot at what might become the most important, life-changing business of my life; or not.

You just never really know, do you? You must press forward, through the dark, and hoping that you'll make it to shore, soon.

To that end, we're going to be spending less time here on IH as we move to the next season of our indie project and business. We plan on releasing our MVP (beta) shortly and from that point we're going to be spending 100% of our time with the small (but passionate!) group of early-customers.

We cannot let them fail! Consequently, we're refocusing nearly all of our time and attention to just a few things so that we can ensure our community's collective success.

I love the IH community; it's literally one of the best on the internet and I have said as-much many, many times. I'm grateful for every single person who's followed our progress thus far and I hope you can continue to follow our work in the following places:

  1. @yenFTW on Twitter
  2. YEN.FM Newsletter

Thank you friends! I will be around here and there... I simply will never leave it completely — I love you all way too much.

— john

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