April 9, 2020

Getting Back Into the Groove

John Saddington @8bit

For our small team of 2 product engineers (me and Willie) we execute against a somewhat "flexible" gitflow workflow for building product.

We start things on Wednesdays and then we have a two-week ("sprint") cycle and we try not to push out anything that hasn't had at least two sets of eyeballs... we do break these rules, on occasion, when the update is superficial (e.g. a spelling error on the website).

C'est la vie!

Since covid-19 showed up, our progress slowed as we reconfigured our offices and lives! But yesterday we got back into the grove and we're moving things forward nicely again!

Our plan right now is to do some design updates, cleaning things up a bit on the sidebar and making things a bit more understandable and readable in the UI.

It looks like this, at the moment:


And it should look more like this after the next update is released:


One of the best things about the way we're building our software is that it's entirely driven by existing customer behavior! Simply-put, we're just adding in features that we know that we need to make our experience better, full stop.

We don't have to go very far because we have a simple #feedback channel built right into the experience! This keeps things simple and straight-forward (and we save money and time by not having go somewhere else for this valuable feedback)!

[Obvious example is that we don't have to pay for Slack since we can do all our team-related communication here too!!]

Small projects and startups need simple tools to connect with their community, grow their audience, get feedback on their product, and communicate with their team—it shouldn't require 4-5 different apps to do just that.

Hey, that's YEN.

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    Nice, I'm enjoying the outsiders perspective of seeing the product grow bit by bit.

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      we're doing things slowly and methodically... inviting folks slowly to the platform to ensure that we're building the healthiest and richest culture possible.

      it's very manual and very slow-going... but, it's the best way to do it!

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