Launched the First #yenCAMP, the Alpha Cohort!

I'm so excited that we launched the first-ever YEN.CAMP!


It's a small, educational 5-day interactive bootcamp that's designed in a "cohort model" where I lead a small batch of folks (5 courageous humans) through a number of community-building skills and habits!

This is also a kind of a big deal because we've started to put real revenue on the boards!

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    Just found out that you were in the #DeFi world!!! I had a super dividing debate with somebody I truly respect today on how the DeFi world should become. Will write up something and would love your take on that, John!!!

    1. 1

      Absolutely! I spent ~2.5 years in #defi (and $3M in venture capital) building some really neat product and a community, some of which are still following this project!

      I could speak for hours on the topic and we'll catch up soon! So excited to share what I know and also learn a ton from you!

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    The yen.camp is #SuperGood :D I feel a sweet digital warmth of our gathering :D

    1. 1

      appreciate the vote of confidence! we're still learning a ton from the early experiments, but, i'm excited about the feedback!

  3. 2

    Yoo! What-is-up --- What-is-up! Reading - Learning - Interacting!!!

    1. 1

      thanks friend! glad you're here! excited to dig in and make this a daily habit and routine!

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