June 11, 2020

Learning is the Goal, Not Revenue

John Saddington @8bit

I'm reminding myself this time and time again these days! I feel as if I have to repeat this to myself just so that I don't go crazy!

I shared this tweet yesterday because I was deep in thought around this topic!

I also shared this with the #yeniverse:

Here's the text:

ALL: Quick but important update!

As you all know, we're currently reworking / rebuilding our core software from the ground-up... so happy that Agata has decided to help me with it! Consequently, we won't have a working version for your own projects / communities as quickly as I had hoped.

This got me to thinking about the value that I'm delivering and the cost that many of you are paying, each month.... so, here's the TRUTH: it's just not worth that much money, especially at the $199/mo price-tag.

As such, I want to have a chat with each of you about continuing to pay that, each month because... @ $199... I don't think it makes sense.

So, here's what I'm proposing:

  1. Since we're rewriting the platform, I'm going to make access to the platform effectively free until we migrate users to the new platform.

  2. Please DM me and let's have a chat this week about it! I'm not at all worried about the revenue...

When the new platform launches (and we migrate), I'll have a much more clear pricing and that'll be an opportunity for folks to opt back in.

@gordon and I, for example, just got done chatting through this and we've canceled his subscription but not his access to our chat!

As many of you know, early-stage sales isn't about revenue... it's about learning. And I'm still learning (and building) the product! I'm so grateful for "paid validation"!

Agata and I need more time to bring something online for real, live testers.

I will say though... that, i will continue to do bespoke coaching for any folks that do continue... for as long as they are subscribers. But, just for those folks.

(I won't be offering this anymore).
And some super-special treats, gifts, promos.... etc... for the early folks. should be fun.

I'm so grateful for the few folks that we have so far and the validation and support that I've received from them! I'm so committed to making the very few customers that I have super-happy that I'm willing to forgo all of my revenue at this stage, especially if I'm not delivering what I believe is top-shelf value.

Onwards and upwards!

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