Metaplayer Mode

Last year we launched "single player" mode with an preview for some of our hardcore #yenOGs and original #yenCAMP participants.

Since then we've rebuilt the entire system from the ground-up with an effort on finding the absolute best mix between speed, quality, and scale.

And we're getting really close to releasing "Metaplayer Mode" where we move from a single instance to a multi-tenant, multi-player test sequence! We're going to need a few more passionate metacreators to join us for this next stage, that's for sure!

In this next iteration we will allow a handful of folks to create their own yeniverse, their own special place on the internet and growing metaverse that they can call their own to build their business and community in the way that they really want.

As you might imagine, I have a few small community spaces and experiences that I want to build out for my friends & family; the "metaplayer" mode will make this very easy to do:

You can create a new community, from scratch, in literally just a few clicks — it's blowing my own mind. More to come!

  1. 2

    Insane how far it's come... Looks so awesome!

    Congrats @8bit!!

    1. 1

      thanks @schoon! we're getting closer... every... .... year.

      L(° O °L)

      ... but, seriously. thank you for your support! it's meant the world to me!

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