September 18, 2020

On Friends and Customers

John Saddington @8bit

A friend of mine wrote something incredibly-kind yesterday and as I read it I remembered that my friend was once a customer of mine!

In fact, @titans was part of the very first #yenCAMP cohort earlier this year! I walked him through a business & community-building bootcamp and during that time we built a real, authentic relationship to the point of becoming friends.

Is that weird? It doesn't feel weird, especially in these insane times! In fact, most of my friends are folks that I have never met in the meatspace, so, this feels as natural as breathing these days.

I'd like to become friends with all of my customers, if I could. Perhaps the platform that we're building can help facilitate that even better...


  1. 2

    You are the real deal, John! Can't wait to see your project launch and proud to be your friend! ^_^

    1. 1

      oh, i can't wait for you to test-drive it...! we're getting closer, every week!

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