June 30, 2020

Testing the #yidget

John Saddington @8bit

Yesterday I shared the launch of our beloved #yidget! Today, I'm doing a few more tests on implementing it and embedding it on many different types of websites.

For instance, right now this lightweight demo is installed in 4 different locations:

  1. YEN.io β€” Our temporary test site
  2. John.do β€” Personal blog
  3. Notion β€” Testing a super-hackey-ish embed into Notion
  4. The Bitcoin Pub β€” A forum with > 17k members

πŸ‘†πŸ» β€” The implementation into a Notion document is really, really fascinating as it creates an entirely fresh "feel" to the document!

Folks can chat in async / real-time with one another as they read and share and edit the document.

πŸ‘†πŸ» β€” Adding a real-time chat to a Discourse-powered forum really does add a new and exciting point of engagement! The folks on this forum have been wanting a real-time chat system for a while β€” so glad that I've been able to deliver!

As I mentioned, one of the neat things that you can do with the platform is install the yidget on an infinite amount of websites that you operate β€” this is especially important for "decentralized" communities that may be connected in a variety of different ways on a variety of different websites!

This is also an explicit "growth strategy" for customers of YEN because they can easily give the embed code to their community members to install on their personal websites, blogs, and anywhere the business needs a "touch point" or "entry / access point" for their community.

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