May 14, 2020

Updating the Homepage and a Change of Tactics

John Saddington @8bit

We just pushed out an update to our product's homepage and it's one of the more simpler ones that we've done over the last 3 years!

It's a bit ironic (yet unsurprising) that I'm also more certain of what we're building than I ever have been — it's just taken a long time to get there! A good reminder to not give up!

I love building in the open and sharing what I know and so I did just that with our small community of business-builders:

Here's the text:

I've been test-driving this language behind-the-scenes (in customer interviews, chats, etc) for the last 3 months and it's ready to get some feedback from a broader audience. it's also a bit more clear as to what we're building... (Hint: It was never just a bootcamp!)

Thanks to Willie for handling my late-night PRs and pushing them today.

We're also experimenting with an ad-hoc invitation model to this community and platform instead of the previously-used cohort model. Essentially, rolling admission. We're looking to automate this better at some point in the future (no promises as to when, of course).

We have one new member who I hope will join us on Monday!

We're also committed to a significant re-write of our software platform. Our current form has proven to be a worthwhile (and working!) proof-of-concept and now that we have more clarity around our direction, we can "harden" our technology and make better software (design) decisions.

This is an exciting transformation for our small startup and I'm so grateful to be able to share the journey with you all! it's fun to "build in the open" and we have the privilege of doing that with all of you!

Thanks for your continued support and being part of the #yeniverse! These moments in the early-stage are fun and precious... I am experienced (and beaten up) enough to recognize these moments and really lean into them... appreciate them for what they are.

It's not always like this... and tomorrow I may literally feel different... but, that's what a startup is all about.

What a fun little game we get to play. 🤣

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