My friends, it's here. Not only is this our 132nd update, it is also our final update (as we shared previously) on Indie Hackers.

We've launched on Product Hunt here — I'd love an upvote and a share, if you'd like!

Thank you for your support and making this place an important part of my personal story. No one will ever forget the part where I built, from the ground-up, the first version of the metaverse.

And how appropriate, right? The internet was made by the indies, for the indies. Marketing ruined things, #evilcorps monetized us, but, we are still fighting the good fight, building amazing software because we can; we must!

But never because we just want to make a buck; anyone can do that. But real artists do their art; that's why they were created.

See you in the metaverse!

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