April 5, 2020

#yenECHO Starts Tomorrow!

John Saddington @8bit

I shared this on SHIP but I want to make sure it gets recorded here as well, since, I like IH 1,000X better than that platform. Blargh.


Hey all,

Many of you may have received an update via my Substack Newsletter — that was entirely intentional because most of you apparently do not get these updates on the regular.

In fact, it feels a bit hopeless even writing this update because the folks who receive them... ... well, you already get them... but there are thousands who have never gotten a single one ... because you all email me about it!

In short, this system continually feels less respectful of basic delivery mechanics and I don't trust what I'm seeing and reading from an analytics backend perspective... but, what the fuck do I know?!

Consequently, I'm going to continue to post / share on ALL CHANNELS until we're ready and out the door here on Product Hunt (i.e. ready to do a more formal launch).

Until then, I'll update you every week as I have been.


Quick Updates:

  1. The most popular free webinar last week was this one on "How to Start a Startup)" — free, every week! More free workshops here.
  2. We have 3 folks walking through #yenECHO this coming week! It should be the best YEN.CAMP ever.
  3. I have a fun, new (and SHORT!) video of it... here. Turn up your sound!

That's all. Love you.