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June 3, 2021 The Final, FINAL, Update!

We released one of the most important features of the new metaplatform this morning and I wanted to have at least one more opportunity to share!

And that's it, I promise! L(° O °L)

We've enabled "embed everywhere" with the 1st-ever embeddable community platform.

You can learn more here:

Talk soon!

May 27, 2021 YEN BETA is LIVE!!

My friends, it's here. Not only is this our 132nd update, it is also our final update (as we shared previously) on Indie Hackers.

We've launched on Product Hunt here — I'd love an upvote and a share, if you'd like!

Thank you for your support and making this place an important part of my personal story. No one will ever forget the part where I built, from the ground-up, the first version of the metaverse.

And how appropriate, right? The internet was made by the indies, for the indies. Marketing ruined things, #evilcorps monetized us, but, we are still fighting the good fight, building amazing software because we can; we must!

But never because we just want to make a buck; anyone can do that. But real artists do their art; that's why they were created.

See you in the metaverse!

May 22, 2021 Changes Ahead!

It's always neat to see these URL / domain name renewals in my inbox — it immediately brings me back to the very moment that we bought and registered a domain for a new project.

You know that feeling, right?

That feeling of a fresh, new idea and all of the energy and excitement and hope that you have mixed with a little fear and anxiety but certainly not enough for you to stop moving forward!

And after all years I still feel this way when I boot up a new project; the rush of adrenaline and a fresh shot at what might become the most important, life-changing business of my life; or not.

You just never really know, do you? You must press forward, through the dark, and hoping that you'll make it to shore, soon.

To that end, we're going to be spending less time here on IH as we move to the next season of our indie project and business. We plan on releasing our MVP (beta) shortly and from that point we're going to be spending 100% of our time with the small (but passionate!) group of early-customers.

We cannot let them fail! Consequently, we're refocusing nearly all of our time and attention to just a few things so that we can ensure our community's collective success.

I love the IH community; it's literally one of the best on the internet and I have said as-much many, many times. I'm grateful for every single person who's followed our progress thus far and I hope you can continue to follow our work in the following places:

  1. @yenFTW on Twitter
  2. YEN.FM Newsletter

Thank you friends! I will be around here and there... I simply will never leave it completely — I love you all way too much.

— john

May 15, 2021 New YENIVERSE Landing Page

I made some updates to our landing page this weekend and wanted to capture a few thoughts!

It’s using WordPress as CMS and it’s only using one plugin currently (Jetpack) for a few SEO-related needs that I wanted to configure (but was too lazy to do manually).

Yup, there’s a plugin for nearly everything in WordPress. Sadly, most of them are terrible and completely unnecessary.

More with less, always.

May 11, 2021 Metaplayer Mode

Last year we launched "single player" mode with an preview for some of our hardcore #yenOGs and original #yenCAMP participants.

Since then we've rebuilt the entire system from the ground-up with an effort on finding the absolute best mix between speed, quality, and scale.

And we're getting really close to releasing "Metaplayer Mode" where we move from a single instance to a multi-tenant, multi-player test sequence! We're going to need a few more passionate metacreators to join us for this next stage, that's for sure!

In this next iteration we will allow a handful of folks to create their own yeniverse, their own special place on the internet and growing metaverse that they can call their own to build their business and community in the way that they really want.

As you might imagine, I have a few small community spaces and experiences that I want to build out for my friends & family; the "metaplayer" mode will make this very easy to do:

You can create a new community, from scratch, in literally just a few clicks — it's blowing my own mind. More to come!

May 5, 2021 I Still Believe

The days are short, the nights; long.

The work of the entrepreneur and startup founder doesn't ever stop, even and especially when it feels as if "nothing" is going right. It's just that the public doesn't always get the chance to see all the things that are, in fact, going on...

... just below the surface. This is why #buildingintheopen is such an important part of the indie hacker mantra:

I'm still here; I still believe. As long as there is one person who still holds the vision, then, there is life and time for good work to be done.

April was a bit of a "lost" month; I hope to make it all back in May.

Doesn't matter if you're not the "hot chick" anymore:

Let's go.

April 21, 2021 Focus is in Short Supply...

... and if you blink, you die.

I wrote a few words in my personal newsletter that I thought I'd share here. This is mostly because the topic is about "venture capital" and that obviously is related to our project and business.

Let me be clear: I appreciate our investors, a ton! But, investors have their own "projects" to tend to and they make their requests whenever they want.

They have to wait just like everyone else.

April 12, 2021 Old Logo Dump

I shared a ton of old logos / branding ideas that I found in an old folder as I was cleaning things out this past weekend.

Take a look:

It's fun to think about where we've been and how long we've been working at this; we're too close to stop now.

April 5, 2021 #yenHOURS

I’m opening up #yenHOURS a bit more over the next few weeks:

The goal, to be honest, is to get connected with more folks that might be in our target demographic as well as prepare a larger cohort of folks to test-drive our platform that we want to open up a bit more this month as well.

Would love to hang! Check it out here.

April 3, 2021 Team Picture!

A fun tweetstorm sharing a new picture of the current team:

I'm super-grateful to have a team that's been able to work with me over the last year and who have allowed me to be me, in all of my glorious imperfections and insecurities.

This was never about just me; it was always about the vision: Communities, Everywhere.

We are on our way.


The Portal is Opening™️...