October 20, 2019

Bought the domain - yorktechjobs.com

Bethan Vincent @bdeltav

Based on feedback on here and from others, I've bought www.yorktechjobs.com and updated the CNAME records.

Next step is to get an SSL certificate, which I'm a bit unsure of how to do on the boundless platform (I usually get a certificate through my hosting provider).

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    What is the boundless platform?

    If you want to go with something not provided by the hosting provider you have https://letsencrypt.org/ today.

    1. 2

      What is the boundless platform?
      I guess she is building no code using boundlesslabs.com

      1. 1

        Yup correct, building no code for now to get to market quickly and ensure I can rapidly prototype. Will perhaps build again from scratch when I have traction.

        1. 2

          If you don't find a way they support it, you could always use Cloudflare for your nameservers and then use it as the place to configure DNS records. They provide free SSL certificates without a worry.

        2. 1

          Makes sense.
          As @damcclean mentions, Cloudflare.com will help. All the websites' SSLs are via Cloudflare.

  2. 2

    What is York Tech?

    1. 2

      I live in York, UK and it's a job board for my local tech community :)

  3. 2

    SSH into your server and install follow the steps at https://letsencrypt.org

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    Hey Bethan,

    Congrats on your new job board website. I'd like to introduce you to JobsPikr- an automated job discovery tool that lets you fetch fresh job listings by title, location, keywords and many more filters.

    One of the major use cases that JobsPikr caters to is the job postings sourcing for Job Boards. I highly recommend giving it a try if you're looking to populate your job board with relevant jobs. Link here: https://www.jobspikr.com

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    Can I ask what factors went into selecting the Boundless platform over the slightly more established alternatives like Bubble, Webflow, or even Wordpress? I have an idea for a niche job board as well but am having a hard time trying to decide on which framework to build it on. Part of me wants to use the latest and greatest but the practical side of me is pointing towards a tried and true Wordpress setup.

    But was just curious what you liked the most about Boundless, which is next on my list to evaluate for my job board idea.

    1. 1

      To be honest, it came down to trying out the platform and enjoying building on it. I personally hate Wordpress, for many reasons, and also like the ethos behind Boundless.

      There are disadvantages to being an early adopter, but I'm also aware that being among the first cohort of users means I can potentially be a case study and influence the development of the platform.

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    Marc - You want to use https://www.cloudflare.com for all your DNS, It also offers free SSL.

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    It's also pretty easy with netlify.com, I've been using it for all my latest projects.

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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      Thanks. Unfortunately not an option for now, but good to know for the future.

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        This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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          Yup that looks like the ticket! Thanks!

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