November 22, 2019

Not a goal, but an interesting blocker...

Bethan Vincent @bdeltav

I'm currently using the no code platform by Boundless to build out the job board.

Boundless has stripe integration inbuilt, which is great in theory!

However I can only take payments in USD using their integration, which is an issue as I and my customers are based in the UK and use GBP.

Some people might say "well just let people pay in USD" but in my experience things like this are massive conversion blockers (to potential customers it just feels a bit weird and that's enough to lose their trust and ultimately, the sale).

I think there might be a workaround which will require some coding (exactly what I was trying to avoid!)

If anyone has any advice on using Stripe Elements, I'm all ears!

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    Wow. Good to know.
    I didn’t think anyone would really care about the conversion.

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      I suppose the whole premise is that it's £1 per day for the job listing, which is hard to translate into USD. Plus it just feels icky to pay in USD to a UK company when you're also in the UK.

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    "Integration" in terms of Stripe usually means they provide some embedded script that actually pulls off the code from Stripe itself. Are you 100% sure it's not your Stripe's account settings but theirs?

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      I've looked into it and it very much seems like it's a configuration issue on their end, not mine (my account is all setup as GBP)

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        If so, maybe you just ask them for support?

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    I have no experience with that, but yeah, that isn't ideal.