April 8, 2020

Deployed New Feature: calendar integration

Jamie Gilman @JamieGilman

Today I'm at the end of a build cycle to integrate a calendar to Yourganize and allow users to sync with their Google Calendars - meaning they can add tasks, habits and projects to their Google Cals and make use of Google notifications for a crude first version of habit/task reminders.

I've mailed out to around 250 users. The build started after a features poll sent to users showed that most wanted a calendar integration. This feature wasn't planned but I wanted to build what users were asking for and see if there was any uptake - that's the idea right, to build based on feedback?

It's a good experiment to see if it was worth the while developing (and in many other ways it was - the dev experience of working with dates in JavaScript 🤯 and the experience with the Google Calendar API and verification is useful).

There is of course a difference between what people will happily request, and what they will actually be willing to spend money on.

Results to follow if there's anything of interest.