February 19, 2020

Featured on Product Hunt


I'm really pleased, Yourganize is featured on Product Hunt today on the home page - currently 7th but ever changing.


I posted it yesterday morning and it ended with 5 upvotes and it was hard to find on the site. It was plucked from obscurity and featured today.

I was thinking yesterday how it had flopped - but I felt positively Ok about it. If there's anything I've learnt from listening to the IH podcast it's that growth comes over time and with prolonged effort, and not just overnight (listen to the Cory Zue episode!).

Whether the PH feature has a positive effect or not, I'll keep plugging away and trying to improve SEO and organic traffic for when the traffic inevitably falls away again.

I'll update again after the feature with the data and impact on user numbers 👍

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