Weekly Update - First readers

It's been a week since I launched the site and the first story, so the initial numbers are in.

In total this is the first week - 147 unique visitors resulting in 375 page views with an average 2m 22s session.

I don't really have a benchmark, but given that I'm starting with 0 audience, I'm pretty happy.

Things I did and some conclusions

  • Sharing to friends & colleagues and relying on them forwarding it brought in the most of the visits.
  • I shared on a UX Slack group that I'm a part of and it felt like dropping the link into a black hole.
  • Two people (that I know of) shared the link on linkedin and it resulted in 18 unique visitors
  • My wife shared a story on her instagram profile (she's an illustrator with 15k followers) and that brought another 20ish visitors. It was interesting to see how illustrators would react since they are not exactly the target audience, but are close.
  • I started sharing on IH and that brought 5 visits and some nice feedback
  • I've submitted the link to one aggregator site - https://inboxreads.co and spent stupid amount of time preparing assets for it... it resulted in 2 visitors. :D This was really frustrating, but I'm hoping it will keep bringing people sporadically.
  • I've made a list of all the relevant link aggregator newsletters in design space and I will be submitting my links to them. The first one I submitted? No response. :D

This week focus

  • Keep working on distribution channels
  • Prepare the second Story for publishing
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