Launched Marketing Page

The app itself is making good progress, but I wanted to get a place up where I can send those who are interested in being my guinea pigs.

I'd originally planned on deploying the whole app to my prod server and having the app handle registration, but the speed and costs associated with that led me to simplify my plans.

So, I opted for a static site on Netlify that allows folks to sign up for my beta list. My plans are to reach out to them as the app gets closer to completion and get their feedback.

I still need to get a bunch of things in place, like more robust analytics, actual testimonials, SEO magicks, and all that. But the foundation upon which I can build is there.

If you're curious to poke around, you can check it out at https://www.zendstation.com ✌️

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    Congrats @estafette72 - will add Zendstation on next issue of Podmmunity :)

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      Cheers, @Riva! Subscribed 🤙

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