October 6, 2019

Started building zenfocus

Romain Simon @romainsimon

I had this idea on top of my mind for a long time now, but I noticed two problems we have :

  1. It is very hard to focus daily on doing the right things for the business are there are always distractions and unplanned things

  2. As you reach a certain team size, you don't know what others are working on daily

For 1. my daily routine has been to write down everyday a new list of to dos, and put 1, 2 and 3 for my top priorities

For 2. I used JIRA, Trello, white board, etc... but it gives only an overview of the week priorities at best. The developers team is doing daily scrums, and this is really help. Then other teams started doing a sort of daily, but no one know what the daily of each team is really about.

I started building zenfocus with no business model in mind, just as a minimalist tool (no registration required). You just go there daily, and add your current focus. You can then see an history of your daily focuses

I think the next things I will add are :

  • Tell of well you performed for your previous goal (ex. Yesterday, I accomplished 75% of my daily focus)
  • Have an overview of how well you accomplished your focuses / month
  • Teams : be able to see what others are working on
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