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Tim wanted to put photos on the TVs

January 12, 2021 ZenPic for Business

ZenPic fo Business is a set of features intended for business use.

We have not built anything yet beyond creating the concept slides and landing page to introduce the idea, but the intent is to demonstrate the general direction we intend to take this app over time.


January 12, 2021 Released ZenPic Pro

We give a lot out without asking - over years we have built tons of free apps. We are trying to improve this process with ZenPic.

In this first iteration of monetizing we released a Pro version for Android TV devices. The pro version includes features that are locked for free users and also removes branding text.

The pro version is available for a monthly fee with a free trial.

December 2020 ZenPic featured on 10words.io

We applied for 10words.io feature spot on June 12 and got featured 4 months later.

The feature got 1681 impressions with 62 clicks and 0 upvotes (womp womp!)

We also got user commenting on our landing page to improve the verbiage which was great feedback.

June 2020 First Release

Tim had an idea of putting photographs in Smart TVs.

We had not worked with smart TVs before (we build primarily mobile apps for iOS and Android) so this was a great way to get introduced to TV development world. The concept was simple enough that without any prior knowledge we were able to have working version ready in under 1 week for both Apple TV and Android TV.


Tim wanted to put photos on the TVs