November 8, 2019

First customer interview was amazing

I've been emailing therapists and have gotten mixed replies when asking for interviews. My goal is to discuss problems they're having. A few replied with skepticism, saying that my approach seems scammy.

I'm keeping it very vague, I don't want to make assumptions about a product when I know little about the customers. The lack of understanding is a huge roadblock for me. Many therapists have not been willing to give me time for such a vague value proposition.

Do you have any ideas on how I can present the idea of early customer interviews to people who are skeptical?
Those not in the startup world don't understand this is how modern, lovable products get made. They think that I'm selling something and often ask which company or product I'm from. I don't have an answer because there is no business or ulterior motive right now, I just want to help people.

My first customer interview for this market ended about 20 minutes ago. I'm still on an adrenaline high because it went so well. The woman I spoke with is an ambitious massage therapist and an example of someone who could be an earlyvangelist. She spoke with deep passion about a very specific problem that wasn't even on my radar. She said yes when I asked her if I could keep her in the loop as I continue to learn more.

I had a deep sense of joy and founder-market fit right off the bat. At the end of the interview, all I could think of was "wow, wouldn't it be awesome if I could build something to help this person?"

I have customer interviews with other markets and never had feelings of purpose and direction. The people I spoke to didn't speak passionately about their problems, it was business as usual. I'm stoked, and working on ways to find more people like her to talk to.

The shot-in-the-dark approach I took in assembling the ZenSubscribe landing page is obvious. I am glad to have talked to someone with such energy that spoke of an issue I wasn't aware of.

Anyways, I wanted to share this experience with you!

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