February 27, 2020

1000 Twitter followers in 30 days

Andrea Bosoni @andreboso

After my “How I’d grow it” tweet went semi-viral, I decided to go ahead and launch Zero to Marketing as a weekly newsletter 📩

Now, while I love newsletters, they suffer from the same problem as podcasts: discovery.

You risk creating amazing content that nobody will ever read or listen. That’s why having an effective distribution strategy is vital.

Usually my favorite acquisition channels are SEO and Facebook Ads, because they can bring you new visitors every single day and are scalable.

But there’s a catch: they require a decent investment of time and money. So I decided to skip them for now.

After some reflections, I decided to focus on Twitter:

  • It’s where most of my audience hangs out
  • It allows me to repurpose existing content into threads
  • It can provide good organic reach

So far this strategy is paying off 😀

I got the first 100 followers tweeting about Zero to Marketing from my personal account, but the other 900 came spontaneously after I started posting the case studies. People liked them!

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that to grow a following your profile needs to have a clear positioning.

When someone checks it out, it needs to be obvious what’s in for them and why they should follow you.

You have a few seconds to make a good impression, so make sure your bio and your tweets are laser focused.

I’m also considering investing a few bucks into Twitter Ads to promote the best threads with a lot of social proof to a cold audience. We’ll see how it goes 🍿


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