December 8, 2019

Launched 3 Killer Features

Jayber Tan @simplisticallysimple
  1. Rapid-fire scheduling
    Get in the flow and schedule months' worth of content in one sitting even. Beats Buffer and Hootsuite for some no-frills rapid-fire scheduling.


  1. Evergreen List
    Your Evergreen List is a list of your best tweets/"greatest hits" that you intend to reshare with your audience from time to time. Whenever you have an empty time slot in your posting schedule, we'll automatically retweet a tweet from your Evergreen List, randomly, keeping your queue full and audience engaged.

  2. Schedule a quoted tweet
    After letting users schedule Twitter threads (our users love this), we're now letting users quote a tweet and schedule it for later. We launched an in-built feed feature where you can see tweets from people you follow and respond to them/provide your insight, which is more and more an increasingly common use case. Buffer can't do this yet.

Honorable mention: PWA is now released! Add the Zlappo icon to your Home screen for easy access whenever you have inspiration and want to schedule a quick tweet.

Once we've fine-tuned these new and existing features further, we'll start ramping up our marketing. Right now, we're in open beta, and I invite you to try our app out, especially if you already use Twitter a lot and want to build and engage your audience with what I believe is the best Twitter-specific productivity tool by far. ;)

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