May 30, 2020

🎯 500 downloads + New website launched!!!

Felix Wong @felix12777

Also my 9th month of running Zlides - a side project in presentation designs that keep me awake every week!

I'm a big fan of pitch deck designs. Since I launched Zlides, I've been following a routine:

  • Weekly design inspiration on Instagram
  • Regular projects on 99designs
  • Drive traffic and downloads for my template - just crossed 500 :)

To celebrate the little success, I updated my website. Would love to hear your feedback:

  1. 1

    Nice website Felix ! What are your best channels to drive traffic and downloads for your template ?

    1. 1

      Hey @Milgrowth thank you! Instagram is my major channel. Other than that, I use Quora, Indie Hackers and Pinterest.

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