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Zlides is a presentation slides studio designed for startups, entrepreneurs and innovative companies. Here you can find inspiration created to enrich visual narratives and presentations.

December 7, 2020 Reached $1,417 - End of year for Zlides

Almost a year! Running a super mini side project to help startups and busy designers succeed.

We gained a lot of sales since being actively building in public.

Celebrating small wins with Zlides

💰 $1,417 in revenue since Mar 2020
🕺 10 productized services

Full article is coming soon

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October 12, 2020 1,000 downloads + new templates

Crossing 1,000 downloads

I have been selling presentation templates for a year. It is not only boring, also not an innovative idea, and a big red ocean.

But it is very fun!

I am glad to have helped nearly a thousand busy entrepreneurs and designers.

Today is a special day. Launching the Lollipop presentation kit. A cup of coffee saves you hours of working time!

Grab it now and make great slides.

August 27, 2020 800 downloads + 1st anniversary

"Why do you sell presentation templates?" "It's not innovative at all?"

I get these questions frequently.

But a year ago, I decided to practice and showcase my presentation design skills. This project started based on my experience as a founder, venture builder, and seed investor now.

I believed a great presentation is a mixture of content, design, and storytelling. I really enjoy the design part.

Since then, I've been selling templates on my website and showcasing design inspirations on Instagram every week.

This is a small project that I enjoyed putting an hour or two every week. And it's now covering my Starbucks budget :)

I'm also glad to share a few major updates:

  • Crossed 800 downloads (free + paid)
  • Move from Squarespace to Carrd earlier this month
  • Using Gumroad was a huge success and I have no regret
  • Currently developing another affordable template to cater more business needs


May 30, 2020 🎯 500 downloads + New website launched!!!

Also my 9th month of running Zlides - a side project in presentation designs that keep me awake every week!

I'm a big fan of pitch deck designs. Since I launched Zlides, I've been following a routine:

  • Weekly design inspiration on Instagram
  • Regular projects on 99designs
  • Drive traffic and downloads for my template - just crossed 500 :)

To celebrate the little success, I updated my website. Would love to hear your feedback: https://www.zlides.co/

December 31, 2019 Passed 200 downloads!

It's been a long slog to get here, but Zlides just passed 250 downloads! This has been the result of several efforts, including blogging, social media marketing, listing, and partnership.

I have stuck around 100 signups for a long time, but what really turned the tide for us was Instagram stories and constant contribution to Quora. I have created a weekly and daily routine to get in touch with real customers. Now I'm just hoping that a lot of them will convert to paying users soon. 🤞

November 21, 2019 Reached Ramen Profitability

Zlides is now making $200 a month, enough to cover my marketing experiments, and coffee meetings.

Probably the biggest thing that helped me get here was launching a premium service. I charge companies around $150 - $200 per project.

This is super exciting, because it means that I can theoretically go further with Zlides.

August 4, 2019 Launched Zlides

Converted Zlides - a passion project into a downloadable content.

Not your typical presentation kit (yaaaaa, but better!), Zlides is built to help entrepreneurs create beautiful presentation slides!

Excited to take this idea forward.

Zlides is a presentation slides studio designed for startups, entrepreneurs and innovative companies. Here you can find inspiration created to enrich visual narratives and presentations.