Today ZoomAdmin is Featured on BetaList

After close to 2 years of Dev work, testing and Beta, we are doing a small public launch on BetaList today.

We finally have a small public launch. I view BetaList as a smaller scale ProductHunt, our next stop will be ProductHunt :)

I spent last few days building out a whole new coupon system, to keep track of discounts and be able to create specific offers for users. I debated for awhile if this is needed now, but to be fair to all users, I think we need to be able to track discounts/coupons.
If you go through BetaList link to ZoomAdmin, you’ll see the offer bar on top.

BetaList also has a voting/comment system, would appreciate your support.

here is the link: https://betalist.com/startups/zoomadmin

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