September 24, 2020

523% spike in sales of zubbit

Phil Spilsbury @philspil66

The new version of appears to be popular with the people we are getting to look at it.

We've had an increase of 523% in sales compared to the previous 4 weeks, so we are really excited about getting the word out more.

More importantly, though, the feedback we are getting from new users is good.

One area we do need to look at is better tracking as I'm not sure we know fully where the sales are coming from!

QUESTION 💡 What does everyone use for tracking Sales and how effective is it?

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    Have you tried Matomo for analytics?

    1. 1

      Heard good things about Matomo.

    2. 1

      Not seen that one before. We are currently using Google Analytics which I'm sure will do the job and its probably we have not become expert enough in configuring and setting it up to give us the data we need.

      So we are getting some good and useful data from it but just not at the point of sale.

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    Do you have the old version still being hosted or an image of it and the current one for comparison's sake?

    1. 1

      Hi, not sure I follow you, an old version of what?

      1. 1

        "The new version of appears to be popular with the people we are getting to look at it."

        1. 1

          Ah sorry, I understand now. No, we don't, Well apart from offline versioned copies. We added a lot more functions on this version but with that simplified the workflow also. New functions are always great but do risk making an application more confusing to follow, and therefore more work to support. So we wanted to review the workflow end-to-end to see what we could make slicker. So far barely any support tickets from any of the new users.

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            OK so u updated the app but not the landing page? I assumed it was the landing page that was updated based on this post.

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              Yep the main thing was updating the app. We did change the landing page to match all the new functions but after feedback and thinking more about the SEO aspects, I think we will revamp the landing page again over the next few months.

              Have you looked at our landing page?

              A bit busy with too much on? or information packed?

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